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Discography as Robert Pollard


Elephant Jokes (Guided By Voices Inc. September 2009)

The Crawling Distance
(Guided By Voices Inc. Janaury 2009)

Robert Pollard Is Off To Business
(Guided By Voices Inc. 2008)

Superman Was A Rocker
(Happy Jack Rock Records 2008)

Standard Gargoyle Decisions
(Merge 2007)

Coast To Coast Carpet of Love
(Merge 2007)

Silverfish Trivia
(Prom Is Coming 2007)

Meet The King : Asshole 2
(Yuk Yuk Mothfuker Production 2006)

Normal Happiness
(Merge 2006)

Moon (Merge 2006 - Live bonus disc included with purchase of Normal Happiness)

From A Compound Eye (Merge 2006)

Relaxation of the Asshole (Yuk Yuk Motherfucker Production 2005)

Fiction Man
(#30 in the Fading Captain Series 2004)

Edison's Demos (2003)

Motel of Fools
(#26 in the Fading Captain Series 2003)

Choreographed Man of War (#14 in the Fading Captain Series 2001)

Speak Kindly of Your Local Volunteer Fire Department (#4 in the Fading Captain Series 1999)

Kid Marine (#1 Fading Captain Series 1999)

Waved Out (Matador 1998) - Simultaneous release on Bandai (Japan) included unreleased bonus track "Aim Correctly"

Not In My Airforce (Matador 1996)

7" and CD Singles

The Butler Stands For All Of Us b/w First Wave, Elevator To Far Worse, The Throat Is Young & I Would Be A Fish Tank
(Happy Jack Rock Records 2008)

Miles Under The Skin b/w Frostman (Long Version)
(Happy Jack Rock Records 2008)

The Killers b/w Revolver Tricks (Stanley West) (Happy Jack Rock Records 2008)

When We Were Slaves b/w Battle For Mankind 2
(Happy Jack Rock Records 2008)

Folded Claws b/w Speak Again
(Happy Jack Rock Records 2008)

Youth Leagues b/w Spirit of the Fly (Happy Jack Rock Records 2008)

Dumb Lady b/w Street Velocity
(Happy Jack Rock Records 2007)

Count Us In b/w Sixland (John Shough version)
(Happy Jack Rock Records 2007)

Shadow Port b/w Be In The Wild Place
(Happy Jack Rock Records 2007)

Pill Gone Girl b/w Coast to Coast Carpet of Love
(Happy Jack Rock Records 2007)

Current Desperation (Angels Speak Of Nothing) b/w Met Her At A Seance
(Happy Jack Rock Records 2007)

Spider Eyes b/w Battle For Mankind
(Happy Jack Rock Records 2007)

Rud Fins b/w Piss Along You Bird
(Happy Jack Rock Records 2007)

Love is Stronger Than Witchcraft b/w Dolphins of Color
(#39 in the Fading Captain Series 2006)

I'm A Strong Lion b/w Breadcrumbs For The Whale
(Must Destroy Music 2005 - CD version also included Inchworm Parade)


Weathermand and Skin Goddess
(Guided By Voices Inc 2008)

Music For "Bubble"
(#36 in the Fading Captain Series)

Zoom (Happens All Over The World)
(#31 in the Fading Captain Series 2005)

Box Set

Crickets : The Best of the Fading Captain Series 1999-2007
(#44 in the Fading Captain Series)

Compilation Track

"In The States" - Single Wish v/a comp. for the Martha Millard Robinson Scholarship Foundation (Sprite, 2002)

"Bristol Girl" - from Jim Shepard tribute album Matter Dominates Spirit (Meta Records 2001)

"As Long as a Block Is Black" - from v/a comp I Stayed Up All Night Listening To Records- (Anyway Records 1999)

"Submarine Teams" - Your Soldiers In Psychological Warfare: Fall & Winter 1999 (Surefire Promo 1999)

"Make Use"
- Musique Sans Frontieres (Matador UK Promo 1998)

"Subspace Biographies" - Opscene CD#3 (August 1998)

"Love Hurts" with Kim Deal - Love and a .45 soundtrack (Immortal/Epic Soundtrax 1994)

Split 7"

Tropic of Nipples EP - Robert Pollard, Richard Meltzer, Smegma and Antler 7" (Off Records 2002) (Reissued in June 2002 as a CD with 23 extra minutes of music from Pollard and Meltzer)

Contributions To Other Bands' Albums

"Baby Goes To Eleven" - Superdrag - Last Call for Vitriol (Arena Rock Recording Co. 2002) Sings back up vocals

"Perfect Friday" - 3 Dream Bag - The Fertile Octagenarian (Naked Fat Baby Records 2001) Did cover art and sang back up vocals

"All The Girls", "I'm Not Fine" & "Same Day"
- J. Mascis - More Light (Ultimatum Records 2000) Sings back up vocals

"A Hard Place", "At Bay", "Fishin'", "Naola" & "Train Brian" - Fig. 4 - S/T (Luna Music 1998) Sings back up vocals

"Boeing Spacearium" - Minus 5 - The Lonesome Ballad of Buck McCoy (Hollywood 1997) Co-writer and sings back up vocals

"Still Breaking Down" - Cobre Verde - Egomania (Love Songs) (Scat 1997) Sings back up vocals

"E's Navy Blues" - Tobin Sprout - Carnival Boy (Matador 1996) Plays guitar

"Collapse", "Life's Masquerade" & "Nature's Way"
- New Creatures - Rafter Tag (Scumfish 1987) Sings back up vocals

Discography as Boston Spaceships


Zero to 99 (Guided By Voices Inc October 2009)

The Planets Are Blasted
(Guided By Voices Inc February 2009)

Brown Submarine
(Guided By Voices Inc 2008)


Headache Revolution b/w Demnetia Is Rising, Take That Off (And Put This On) & 7 Is The Hot Noose (Happy Jack Rock Records 2008)

You Satisfy Me b/w Impossible Octopus
(Happy Jack Rock Records 2008)

Discography as Circus Devils


Gringo (Happy Jack Rock Records 2009)

Ataxia (Happy Jack Rock Records 2008)

Sgt. Disco
(Ipecac 2007 CD/Happy Jack Rock Records 2007 Vinyl)

(#32 in the Fading Captain Series 2005)

Pinball Mars
(#29 in the Fading Captain Series 2003)

The Harold Pig Memorial (#25 in the Fading Captain Series 2002)

Ringworm Interiors
(#15 in the Fading Captain Series 2001)

Discography as Cosmos


Jar Of Jam Ton Of Bricks
(Happy Jack Rock Records 2009)

Discography as Guided By Voices (Post 1/2005)

Box Set

Suitcase 3 - Up We Go Now
(Guided By Voices Inc December 2009)

Suitcase 2 - American Superdream Wow (#37 in the Fading Captain Series 2005)


Briefcase 3 - Cuddling Bozo's Octopus
(Guided By Voices Inc December 2009)

Briefcase 2 - The Return of Milko Waif (#38 in the Fading Captain Series 2005)

Discography as Moping Swans


Lightninghead to Coffeepot
(#33 in the Fading Captain Series 2005)


Discography as The Takeovers


Bad Football (Off Records 2007)

Turn to Red
(#40 in the Fading Captain Series 2006)

Discography as Keene Brothers


Blues and Boogie Shoes (#42 in the Fading Captain Series 2006)

Discography as Psycho and the Birds


We've Moved (Happy Jack Rock Records 2008)

All That is Holy
(#41 in the Fading Captain Series 2006)


Check Your Zoo
(#43 in the Fading Captain Series 2006)

Discography as Acid Ranch


The Great Houdini Wasn't So Great
(Record Company Records 2007)

As Forever (Rockathon 2005)